We are all recovering from something

Building a new body ATM. Upgrading immensely. Clearing out the depths of all I’ve been carrying in this life and beyond, and from those who came before me. Time for a clean slate.

Allow me to re-introduce myself..especially to new friends who’ve connected recently. I feel like I am bridging a few dimensions right now between the former realities I used to play in and the new, aligned ones that are more naturally resonating these days.

I’m Sydney, lovely to meet you and be connected here in this portal..vortex..soul family reunion party: what a gift to be together on Earth at a time like this, witnessing the unfolding of Heaven on Earth within us and building up all around us..what a time to be.

I was always a sensitive being, psychic and tuned into my surroundings and people around me at a level of depth that most others rarely experience in a lifetime.

I started using dr-ugs and alc.ohol around age 14 to numb out the immense sensitivity-insecurity-paranoia I felt that I had no idea what else to do with. How could I be a human being who felt and thought about and experienced life this deeply..especially in the big cities I played in: SF + NYC, it was a death sentence to even consider trying to be present.

I studied social movements, revolution, political theory and world systems geo-political-economy at UC Santa Cruz which felt like a summer camp party compared to the elite high school I was privileged to attend on a full scholarship. The cultural training I received in high school amidst millionaires and billionaires imparted upon me a deep understanding of privilege and inequality – I wish everyone could go to a school like that, what a different world we lived in if more could have that kind of support.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and big vision calling me to step up – I used to think I’d be a politician or a civil rights lawyer until I learned that media would be a far more effective and fastidious route to create the consciousness shifts I sensed are required to transform our world into what we know it can be.

My awakening began in 2011 when I got sober from a 10 year dance in the dark with drugs and alcohol with all sorts of dangerous encounters in between. I moved to NYC in 2010 and tried my luck at becoming a star club promoter which quickly catalyzed my rock bottom into stripping-escorting-double-life’ing and eventually waking the eff up to start learning how to be a human being for the first time ever.

I went all in on 12-step recovery – practicing the steps and sponsoring others in AA for years and getting heavily involved in young people’s communities all over New York. This is where I learned how to be human again, how to feel my feelings, how to create meaningful relationships, how to forgive myself and how to let go of so much past wounding I had been harboring for years and maybe lifetimes.

I had numerous spiritual awakenings and massive heart opening moments – more than I could count really..a spiritual awakening can be as simple as a personality change sufficient to bring about a transformation into a new desired way of being. It can be that simple if we let it.

As I committed to my sobriety and grew within my spiritual path I attained success in my career in Marketing and Advertising in some of the best teams in NYC – running global ad campaigns for major brands and eventually evolving from Senior Strategist to Senior Producer to Director of Operations for one of the most visionary PR agencies I could have ever dreamed to work with.

I took every opportunity I could to dive deep into meditation, self-healing, Reiki, Akashic Records, sound baths and long retreats that all had the impact of reconnecting me to my essence and soul path – to be a radiant example of what it is to be fully alive and aligned with ones true path. I started remembering.

And as I remembered, while having more supernatural experiences arise more often than ever, I couldn’t ignore the call any longer – I had to start my own vision which required I go out on my own to help those I was meant to help.

This calling at first took the shape of consulting with startups and brands on holistic marketing strategy and branding and eventually, naturally, expanded into holistic, intuitive health coaching.

I launched my coaching and consulting practice after I had become a Certified Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Akashic Records Guide knowing that my dharma was to fuse the worlds of business and corporate brand strategy with the worlds of spirituality, consciousness and healing.

At some point on the path I got wrapped up in the pyramid scheme of a particular lineage of the online coaching world, sucked in after a dark night of the soul regarding scarcity consciousness and a bottoming out of my own sense of value and worth, questioning my intentions and purpose at the deepest level. I just wanted someone to save me and make it all better.

This set up a ~2 year journey in “high ticket mentorship,” investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in myself to “learn” how to make more money while making a greater impact and helping others to do the same..or something like that, whatever the tag line that sold me at the time definitely worked.

Until it didn’t. In both cases I hit another hard bottom of realizing my complicity in profoundly codependent relationships in which I was playing the daughter to a mother-mentor on some level in which we were both trying to heal our abandonment trauma along with all sorts of other unconscious dynamics…muddled up in money, power, and purpose.

My last high ticket mentor who I was investing $11K per month in at the time if you can believe it essentially hung up the phone on me for our last call when I was hitting an intense healing moment she couldn’t actually hold space for because it triggered her too much – she said: “this isn’t fun anymore, I’m letting you go.” It probably helped that I was on the phone also telling her I couldn’t pay her the ridiculous amount of money she had coerced me into paying as soon as I had my first $40K month – she immediately in the same sentence congratulating me for my biggest month ever said that I right away needed to invest at a higher level to “contain the energy” or something like that she could have me hook into.

I’m sure she had just had the same thing done to her by another mentor..we all just pass the same tactics down until we awaken to the illusion that we’ve been complicit in perpetuating. Just like trauma – we pass it down mostly unknowingly until at some point our soul can’t take it any more and we must face it and heal it.

At some point in one of these containers I even got a book deal thru an editor from Simon and Schuster (one of the big 5 publishers) reaching out to me via a Facebook message asking me to write a title for them based on some articles I had published about Empaths in MindBodyGreen.

I had done this all on my own of course (all in the works months prior to working with this mentor) but because it happened while I was on this mentor’s watch, she quickly used me as a client case study of what’s possible in her field..which always felt confusing and catalyzed another healing cycle around coming to terms with how my results were actually mine and not only due to someone helping me.

The Empath Experience: What to Do When You Feel Everything came out on May 1, 2018 and has since supported almost 30,000 readers around the world in living an empowered life rooted in emotional sovereignty, self-mastery and devoted self-care.

Over the last 4 years I have also supported hundreds of visionaries in awakening to their authenticity, living their purpose, launching and scaling soul-aligned businesses and creating immense transformation in all areas of their lives so their highest vision can at last be lived into. I’ve hosted transformational retreats in Bali, Mount Shasta, Upstate NY, Sedona and even a 100+ convergence for Odyssey this last year in the Bay Area.

I’ve created transformational courses (Divinity Codes, Alignment Activation and Mastering Magnetism) as well as hundreds of live-streams and YouTube Videos sharing guidance on intuition, awakening, embodiment and intimate topics that maybe at times we’re afraid to speak about out loud or in public: sex, money, power, purpose, intimacy, faking orgasms, sex magic, alchemy of desire and multi-dimensionality to name a few.

I’ve graduated 30+ students as facilitators and healing practitioners of the Akashic Records, one of the most transformational modalities I’ve ever known when it comes to embodying your soul-essence, living your destiny, and rapidly sourcing all that is ever needed in any moment from right within.

My path is shifting it seems..I’m not sure where to but I sense the movement underway.

I am here to steward community and councils supporting the architecture of the New Earth. My mastery lies in cultivating and anchoring the energetic architecture required to birth our new structures and systems and ways of being that we know we are called soon to evolve into and therefore receive and live.

I feel most utilized in my gifts when I am merging intuitive-psychic guidance, healing and consciousness awakening with the actualization of visionary business-enterprises-communities and tangible movements forward in the directions our souls are calling us into.

I envision a world where our CEOS of the most legendary companies and New Earth Organizations are trained in intuitive energy work and are fully awakened in their psychic abilities, where every company has an Akashic Oracle on their board helping to steer company decisions and investments in the directions of the most aligned energetic currents and potentials.

I am here to support the visionaries called to build these new ecosystems – perhaps even if you feel like you’re starting at the very beginning, you are a pioneer after all so yes, you are. This is my specialty – mapping out the very beginning and assisting in the initial seeds planting for the longer term vision to unfold with grace, ease and expediency..co-creating in the quantum field.

For now I am digesting so much of what I have shared in the above into a new book, “The Consciousness Code: 8 Steps to Awaken Your Higher Self,” which is essentially a “what’s next” guidebook for those ready to recover their divinity and completely move out of victim consciousness into their complete creative potential, embodied leadership and aliveness. For a moment this book was a 12 step process for embodied ascension, then the publisher I originally had suggested it be 11 steps and then 8 steps to not be so closely affiliated with 12 step recovery.

But consciousness awakening is just this: a recovery process in which you are invited into the depths of your shadow to illuminate the infinite height of your light. To then remember who you are and why you are here, which doesn’t happen just once but in a series of awakening moments which if you are ready you will experience multiple times over and over again sometimes even in new dimensions that become available as you deepen in your being-ness.

We are all recovering from something.

We are all awakening again to who we really are.

We are awakening in each moment actually.

The opportunity to see more clearly is here if we choose it.

Everything we want: it’s an inside job, as within, so without.

We are all learning to re-program the game we first learned when we arrived – switching up from down, in from out..unlearning rather all that came in to distort our original essence.

Remembering we chose it all anyway – even the contrast.

So love it all, and receive and appreciate all it has to teach you.

Forgive yourself for it all, there is no such thing as a mistake.

Only lessons you chose to incarnate within simply to grow.

You are the master architect of this game, after all.

No one could have created it more perfectly for you than you.

Thanks for playing <3

x Syd


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