Anchoring Solstice Energy

How are you being today?

Big energy leading into the Solstice coming up, are you feeling it?

It might arise as energetic hangovers after doing lifetimes of healing work and integration and cellular detox in dream might arise as exhaustion during the middle of the day or at times when ordinarily you’re used to having a lot of energy…it might manifest as difficulty in going to sleep in general..routines and patterns you’re used to physiologically might be flipped on their head.

Drink water. Move your body to shake out all the energy clearing. Get more rest. Listen deeply to your heart – what is it guiding you to focus on in each moment? Practice presence.

Listening to healing frequencies in the background really helps me. I have a list of my faves here on my YouTube.

Yes we all need more rest much flowing thru, rest is essential.
The below guidance on how to prepare for more restful deep sleep came through as a follow up to one of the brilliant angels I got to share a Soul Sourcing Session with earlier this the way did you know that in these sessions I always follow up with an energetic protocol and series of recommendations that come through to support you on your path?

It feels like a mini mentorship container actually – and I feel like celebrating this with you because I want to acknowledge myself for the comprehensive support I offer that really stands out from most others I have received guidance from.

I also celebrate offering integration support following our session since detox and emotional clearing is quite common afterwards..its so important to be available as guides to ensure those who we support are actually feeling held during their integration when some of the most profound awakenings and expansions can occur.

Here’s what came through to support more restful sleep:

– Incredible yoga nidra practice from my friend Bruno, a brilliant angel yoga guide here in Maui (sign up for his newsletter and learn about his online zoom classes – he’s the best!)
– make sure you’re off screens 2 hours before bed
– practice passive breathing (10 count inhale, 10 count exhale..10 count breath hold after inhale and exhale)
– bioenergetic shaking..3 mins before bed is great – shaking the entire body rigorously
– try butterflying your hips open (here is a great series of hip openers) and laying on a bolster or pillow to align your spine..this restorative yoga position is great to do right before bed as it helps to really relax the nervous system. Our hips hold a lot of emotional history and memory so as we can open them more we can more easily release the energy that often requires support in moving out of the body
– chamomile tea and nettle
– valerian root in water, non-alcoholic tincture
– myofascial release..foam roller or theragun (one of my fave toys), something that breaks up muscles/fascia and releases cellular memory from tissue
Hope thats helpful for you beloveds.

Another message I’ve been receiving over the last few weeks…

The less you do, the more you receive.

We are awakening into such an era of feminine leadership and we trust life is supporting us?

Do we trust that as we rest and relax we are our most receptive, magnetic and available to co-create with the universe precisely what we desire most?

What else are you curious about receiving support on right now in your ascension journey? I’m so curious to hear how you’d being and how you’re supporting yourself and where you could use more guidance.

I am personally guided to orient my offerings more towards supporting peers and allies who are fellow new earth pioneers, who are awakened in their intuition and soul purpose, and who simply want to work with allies/co-facilitators to upgrade in our shared presence, recall our past lifetimes and awaken our soul gifts together in practice..

I want to envision with my heaven on earth co-creators the more beautiful world we are here to manifest and actualize within and externally through new systems and structures we require in harmoniously thriving.

I see some new retreats, events and convergences incubating right now although its not completely clear the precise dates although I see November being another convergence of Odyssey..except this time held in a completely different, perhaps more authentic, tone.

I see hosting an Akashic retreat in Bali and one in Maui sometime early next year.

I see my book tour for The Consciousness Code coming in Spring next year <3

Sales for The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything are at 60K by Dec 2020 because so many people have awakened to their empath sensitivity and are finding my book to provide precisely the guidance they crave in feeling empowered in their gifts. More therapists and doctors and rehabs are recommending my book to those in need.

I see a new TV show I’d like to host in the next few years..taking Visionary Souls to a live audience 🙂

I just started naturally sharing some of my Solstice intentions. This is a powerful manifestation portal we are moving into. A big re-awakening and receptive moment of SO MUCH LIGHT..its gonna be intense 🙂

Would love to anchor with you..I am guiding a global meditation/energy healing on the Solstice as part of the High Vibe Summit listed below. If you’d like to gather in ceremony and receive this light together I would be honored to share with you. You can sign up here.

Here is another helpful intuitive astrology report on the current energy I found to resonate very much with what I am tuning into. Love this woman’s energy.

Lastly family..I’d love to invite you to join our Akashic Facilitator Training coming up 7/7 if you’re feeling the call to become a healing practitioner, intuitive guide and wayshower for ascension into Heaven on Earth.

Feel into what’s possible for you when you step fully into your truth, attune to your spiritual gifts, come into authentic embodiment of your true self, practice presence with other powerful light beings committed to embodying their divinity, anchoring into a new way of leading and facilitating sacred space, transmuting subtle shadow energetics that are only highlighted in group dynamics..seeing yourself in what you are truly capable of providing in ultra clear energetic healing space.

This is a healing journey beyond anything we could even describe with words. The perfect constellation of soul family is gathering for this invitation..this initiation into more of who we truly are and how we are called to serve our divine purpose on Earth in this life.

I am proud of how deep we’ve gone in our first training round. I am proud of witnessing every single student’s incredible expansion and awakening. I am proud of all I have learned too as a facilitator and guide alongside them. I am proud of feeling everyone’s light turn on even more brightly. I am proud of our manifestation portal we co-create upon generating such a potent energetic field.

I am proud of coming even more out of the multidimensional closet and owning more of my authentic gifts and calling..I am proud of how deeply we support eachother 🙂

Celebrating this memory from one year ago quantum leaping with a former student/soul sista collaborator…

“My experience mentoring with Sydney as an Akashic Facilitator supported me specifically in gaining understanding of my own ability to always know the truth and to see and hold space for myself and others in pure love and potential.

When I first decided to take on this mentorship, I wasn’t even sure that I was capable of much but once we began, it felt like I had been doing this for lifetimes and it was just like riding a bike. With Sydney’s guidance and support, I dove right in as if I had been doing this all along.

I learned to trust myself and the answers I was receiving pretty quickly which has been a huge struggle in many areas of my life for many years. I’m now able to stay in integrity with myself and have the confidence I need to speak the truth and stay grounded in doing so.

All of the callings that I’ve had to pursue certain passions of mine have turned out to be my purpose and the reason I incarnated into this life with the parents I had, the relationships I’ve encountered and even the children who chose me and helped me evolve into my purpose. I no longer second guess anything that I find an interest in. It’s all connected and all divinely arranged for me.

What’s possible for me now is having and being able to access the answers, truth and knowledge at any point in time and stop the constant confusion and spinning of the wheels that I was accustomed to. I’m learning that everything has once served a purpose and I’m able to access the solutions and practices to be able to let them go – including karmic ties, phobias and blocks that kept me from moving forward.
A few examples: I was able to begin healing and ridding myself of a diagnosed heart condition and life long allergies that left me bed ridden for months out of the year.

And I’ve overcome a very irrational phobia of heights and learned that the fear was originated and passed down from an ancestor way down the line of my lineage who died from falling when he was 28 years old. And just to have further confirmation – myself, my mom, uncles and grandfather didn’t develop the fear of heights until around they were around 28 years old. WILD!

Sydney has specifically supported me by seeing through me, literally! And providing the space and support for me to come into my own power and truth. I feel very comfortable around her and she has a way of making it easy for me (and sometimes fun) to face my fear and challenges.

And because of this I’ve had some MASSIVE breakthroughs. It’s like she’s been there with me by my side, holding my hand through all the obstacles I had and lended me the courage to find my way. To sum up my experience with her in one word, it would be – liberating! Sydney’s energy and presence is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Profound and so powerful!

I think that this program is for anyone who wants to gain the confidence in themselves to seek that answers that they’ve always had access to. For anyone who wants to understand, overcome and heal any sort of obstacles or ailments that they believe to be in their way of living fully in their truth.”

~ Claudia Chang, Soul Alignment Guide, Akashic Records Facilitator, The Pleasure Priestess, Conscious Mama

Thanks for celebrating with me! The experiences of all my students over the years are equally miraculous..simply proof of what’s possible when you devote yourself to awakening your gifts and expressing your authenticity..all the way.

I am here and would love to support you in any way I can beloveds.

I have tons of free resources here (challenges, meditations and more) and self-mastery courses that are designed to support you in breaking through into new levels of authenticity, abundance and purpose and a few spaces open for 1:1 sessions and mentorship.

My zone of genius in mentorship and sessions – and really my highest excitement – is supporting New Earth visionaries (entrepreneurs, healers, wayshowers and intuitive facilitators) in optimizing their energy, fine tuning their creative focus and deepening attunement to their authentic purpose, multidimensional aspects and inner wisdom.

So much of my purpose perhaps all if it in its highest expression is to be as energetically clear as I can be – doing my own healing work to free myself from personality and distraction – so that in my presence we together immediately access the truth.

The truth is always here. It is who you are. It is all that is.

We can receive it in our clear presence. It’s already here.

Perhaps its that simple 🙂

Most of the profound truths I’ve come across in my awakening tend to be just that. Simple.

I’m sorry for ever selling you anything that I made out to be unnecessarily complicated. Maybe I even created confusion and chaos around understanding a seemingly simple spiritual truth.

I’m sorry for this. I was learning an important lesson in contrast at the time.

You can probably even track my energy back in this newsletter from around June 2017 till maybe even recently as I’ve been clearing out these energies intentionally all of this year..deep layers to de-program fact many of the mentorships I engaged with over that time period in which I was all about high ticket sales and being more in the masculine dynamic of business really resulted in quite traumatizing experiences that have taken years to decondition from.

Essentially looking back I can see how I was trying on the different personas and masks of people I was paying a lot to mentor me who essentially sold me on the idea that I needed to learn from them the things they had convinced me to believe that I didn’t already have within myself.

Together we were a part of this massive old paradigm industry built on inauthenticity and co-dependency (particularly in the coaching industry that I now am happy to see is falling apart) and so much trauma therein that guides everyone to over-complicate simple universal truths to convince each other of the value we are providing..creating problems that need to supposedly be solved that only we have the answers to.

What’s that saying – the same people that sell you the pill create the disease? Yes, like that.

Well the great news is – now that everyone is more finely attuned to truth and authenticity there really isn’t a choice anymore but to be in hurts too much to pretend otherwise. Even if you’re not consciously aware of it – can you notice at some level how much more sensitized you are to people who are lying, inauthentic, trying to sell you outrightly on some other agenda…you can feel it now from a million miles away.

You get what I mean?

This process and distortions therein have been the crux of my unraveling over this last year. Some of these explorations will be shared in next week’s episode of Visionary Souls wherein I speak with a former client in depth about all we learned on our journey.

I am grateful to be more clear than even now on my role as a guide and facilitator – to never disempower you from sourcing your own guidance and answers from know the truth better than anyone and its beautiful to watch you re-member all you have within and have had all along.. practicing and re-membering with you is the greatest gift <3

Love you very much.

It means a lot to receive your response here and to know whose reading and receiving..I love to share your celebrations and intentions..thanks for playing xx

Thanks for BEING.


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