Courses Created For this Moment

I am celebrating three self-mastery courses I have created over the years that are such powerful-comprehensive-healing-soul support transformational journeys. I am loving all the souls joining in this last week and feel inspired to offer a new way to play and co-create together. I feel like these courses were made to support the embodied awakening unfolding in this moment 🙂
Here’s a quick snapshot..
Alignment Activation: a 7-week immersion guiding you to live powerfully, love authentically, activate abundance and align with your soul purpose.
Divinity Codes: an essential 8 week course guiding you to activate your intuition, live your purpose and amplify personal power, self-worth and abundance.
* The key differentiator in Divinity Codes compared with others is length and depth in regards to energy mastery concepts and somatic healing techniques. Divinity Codes contains more energy healing activations and goes deeper into study and practice within internal family systems, family constellations, somatic healing and more.
Mastering Magnetism (co-created with my soul bro Kevin Oroz): a 4-week immersion designed to elevate your consciousness, magnetism and liberation within money, sex and power. Upon completing this course many students celebrated experiencing a revolutionized relationship with money, confidence and intimacy.
For a brief period I am offering 1:1 guidance for all new students who enroll in these courses in the form of three 30-minute 1:1 sessions plus WhatsApp voice note/chat support in between calls offered for the duration of your course container.
If this feels fun, expansive and like just the kind of support you’ve been calling in, I’d love to co-create with you. <3
Student Celebrations..
“This program helped me go from being entrenched in and obsessed with living up to everyone else’s desires for me to being grounded in my own and having a process to explore and understand my desires. That was not a journey I was capable of taking on my own at the time I started the program, and the fact that I’m now much more grounded in my desire is a direct result of the tools, trainings and activations.” ~ Divinity Codes Student
“I have tuned into a much higher purpose and have created clarity of vision towards living on my highest timeline. I have allowed myself to experience higher frequency emotional states and I’ve seen my life long eczema healed in the process. I have uncovered many money wounds and created a new relationship with money to start receive exponential wealth as a mentor, healer, actor and singer.” ~ Divinity Codes Student
“Wow, there have been so many breakthroughs! This class helped me raise my vibration and began seeing that my thoughts do not define me. I was letting my mind run the show, surrounding myself with people who drained me and I was trying to live my life the way I was taught was “right”. I now have a deeper awareness of who I am and I finally started listening and responding to my soul. I’ve made room for meaningful friendships, eased into life and the journey of becoming a new momma, and I have let myself play more and discover a new passion. I am happier than ever in my relationship, more confident in myself and I have a stronger connection with my soul.” ~ Alignment Activation Student

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