Destiny Mapping Facilitator Training

I’m loving the genius creativity I am seeing birthing throughout our collective – so many are awakening to their calling, their passion, and now with space to explore and activate their gifts – I can’t wait to see and play in all the new worlds we are birthing 🙂

One such portal to a new world of awakened guidance, multidimensional facilitation and one of the best pathways I’ve experienced to truly remember who you are and why you are here is my soul sister Ahaumna AhMayah‘s Destiny Mapping modality.
Destiny Mapping pulls from Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys – the exact pieces from these systems that help you to to remember why you are and to better understand and embody your unique soul-path-purpose, passion and power as well as all the shadow energies we are here to master and transmute through our divinely orchestrated life lessons.
It is such a streamlined way of approaching three very complex systems to provide precisely what most are ultimately looking for: meaning, value, direction, clarity, confidence, confirmation to pursue the life of their dreams.
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If you’re a guide, coach, facilitator, or healer who would love to feel even more empowered to deliver laser-focused clarity and insight to your clients, please tune into Ahaumna’s upcoming Destiny Mapping facilitator program (begins May 22).
This truly is an incredible opportunity – she is hosting a free live info session this month to explore how you can add this to your existing practice or start your own coaching business through this work.
Dates and registration for info sessions can be found at, *use my name Sydney as your referral and you’ll receive a special bonus gift if you register for the training!*
I’ve been immensely supported by this work and can’t highly recommend Ahaumna AhMayah enough as a brilliant guide and space holder on the leading edge of consciousness awakening.
<3 Syd
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