Ep. 94: Joshua Falcon-Grey | Quantum Healing through Theater and Play

Joshua Falcon-Grey is a filmmaker, author, speaker, and creator of DaoPlay – an intuitively guided role-playing experience designed to escort people through their own personal “movie scenes” – the very situations they need to experience in order to release the past and to reclaim their personal power. He has helped hundreds of people with DaoPlay – through 1 on 1 Personal Theater Experiences, in groups, and in guided meditation recordings.

Joshua is the founder and Lead Storyweaver at The Quantum Theater: A group experience platform which presents the “DaoPlay” role-playing experiences worldwide.

Joshua also enjoys sharing stand up comedy (and singing).

You can experience his work at www.quantum.theater (theater spelled the American way) or get in touch with him personally at www.joshualive.com

In this episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • How he would describe his way of being in service in his visionary mission on Earth and how he started
  • How he supported himself when he had a surrender moment and how he sees the evolution unfolding
  • How he started supporting and guiding his mom in her healing journey
  • What is challenging him in his personal path and calling forth the greater version of himself and how he supports himself through that
  • How “DaoPlay” of Quantum Theater is played + how it was created
  • What he is noticing in his life and the world when he wakes up in 2025

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Joshua:

Facebook: @joshua.falcon.grey
Instagram: @quantum_theater
Youtube: The Quantum Theater

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

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