Stepping into a new era of my service.

Who knows if I’ll create a course or program again, at this moment I’m not sure.
I definitely love teaching, writing and supporting visionaries in awakening to their true selves, living their calling and embodying their power aka my own best medicine.
We certainly teach what we are here to learn, indeed.
In the mean time it feels right to make all of my epic courses I’ve created over the years mostly free and super affordable for the more in-depth guidance and activations included.
So now all of my courses are only $111-$133 w/ live video trainings + in-depth guidance + activations sent each week via email.
The video-only content (not including guidance, additional support materials or assignments clearly outlined) will soon be on YouTube for free, including my Metamorphosis Business Accelerator, Alignment Activation + Divinity Codes trainings.
Lastly, Kevin Orosz + I’s Mastering Magnetism 4-week course on Sex, Money + Power will launch on Friday for $44 only as a special launch celebration gift for you! Stay tuned for our live stream soon sharing more about the journey.

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