Ep. 84: Solara Sophia Rose | All Masks Off: Embodying The True Self

Solara Rose is an international channel and catalyst for high-frequency flow mastery, superabundance and thriving Divine success! She has been described as the modern Tesla of human energetics and living vortex of cosmic magic. With a background in intensive personal transformation, integrative science, philosophy and psychology, she’s who visionary leaders seek out to support accelerated, quantum growth in all areas of their life. She uses her unique, multisensory abilities to support individuals and organizations with embodying their expanded Self so they can actualize their Genius, maximize their impact and upgrade their wealth in service to the collective. Her passion is to inspire and unlock the peak potential, beauty and creative brilliance in others!

In this super embodying out episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • How it’s a fun and mystical time to dive deep and see where we can see our boundaries
  • What it will be like to have no boundaries
  • How to navigate clear energy fields in the online space and having masterful discernment about what you take in and contribute
  • How to have tough, sometimes confronting conversations about unconscious wounds that emerge in friendships especially with allies that are actually so resonant
  • Sharing our personal experience of healing our shadow together and allowing more of our true selves to be revealed
  • Diving into the different initiations that she has traversed in her life was such a beautiful and mystical awakening process
  • How there’s a misbelief that our resources, our power and our value are finite or have a limited supply
  • How we truly are creating every moment into being
  • Her evolution into her mystical initiations, transformations and awakening

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Solara:

Website: http://solararose.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/actualizeyourgenius
Instagram: http://instagram.com/solararose
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9CXmWL13sVVRcAqFmJ8H3A

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

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