Ep. 55: Jason Estes | Divine Play: Ascension, Purging Old Energy and Embodying Divinity

Jason Estes is a wayshower and co-founder of Activation Station, which has been supporting me for the last couple of months. He is a spiritual teacher who brings his students through a consciousness course and assists them in discovering their true, authentic selves.

In this episode I jam with my soul fam friend and wayshower Jason Estes about all things ascension, what is going on with current intense energies, purge periods and everything else going on amidst this incredible moment in human evolution and divinity embodiment! In this episode you’ll learn about…

* What is ascension and what is the overlay between ascension and de-scension timelines that are happening concurrently

* How to cultivate more presence and acceptance with what is and how this is the key to experience more of what you truly desire

* How to process emotions without judgement, how to actually let things go

* How to cultivate self-mastery and emotional maturity on your path of transformation and healing

* Why the law of attraction is actually spiritual escapism and bypassing in many cases from receiving what’s actually meant for you

* How to gracefully integrate all the lessons and opportunities for growth that are going to be coming your way from now until May 18th and forever after

* Specific dates to watch out for re: celestial energy spikes and what they correlate to in terms of purging and different aspects of clearing we’re all going through And so much more!

Connect with Jason:

Learn more about Jason’s MTVO organization here.

Check out his platform Activation Station here.

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