The Truth About Money, Sex and Power

I wrote this over a year ago and never published it. I even had two friends proof it for me to get it “ready” for a dreamy publishing platform like Elephant Journal or Rebelle Society..

And there its been waiting in my google drive for me to make something of it. It somewhat translated into my Divinity Codes course and some upcoming collaborations..none of which have fully scratched the itch that’s burning within me to share.

The backstory, the journey, the shadow, the depths, the near deaths – I keep telling it all in pieces and its like a huge tease that never gets fully realized.

What would it be like to tell the whole tale?

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 2.38.27 AM.png

You can wait for it to be perfect, or wait for it to be the book, or wait for it..and it will never happen.

Start before you’re ready. Because you might never be ready or good enough or publish-able especially by someone else’s standards.

Sometimes it can feel lonely feeling like no one is ready to receive that which wants to so badly come through you.

That’s why its even more important for you to be your own trusted champion, trusting that what’s TRUE for your soul to share and what feels BEST for YOU is the medicine that’s meant to come through, nevermind the channel.

The universe decides how the medicine gets to whomever its supposed to get to.

And sometimes the medicine is solely meant for YOU.

So let go.

And receive.

xx Syd

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