Moving Like You

Blown away by the healing power of dance, yet again. Dance has been such a major part of my healing and transformation starting with when I first arrived to Bali in December 2016.

Dance like no one is watching.
Move like you.
Follow your good feelings. 
Follow your bliss.

And let them guide you home to YOU.
To your infinite soul.


This seemingly simple practice is in fact the most potent medicine for someone like me whose journey has especially entailed one of navigating the following shadows:

What are people thinking of me?
Do people like me?
Am I important?
Do I matter ENOUGH?
Do you think I look cool?

Maybe if I feel finally that ENOUGH (there’s that word again…) people think (because I can read your mind and your energy..or so I assumed that was the case for so long albeit unconsciously)..people think all of the above about me and give me ENOUGH love, ENOUGH validation, ENOUGH likes…

Then maybe only THEN can I too decide that I deserve to feel like I really am ENOUGH.

This shadow rears its head in the most subtle ways even still. It’s so incredible this journey of illumination and courageously going right into the most painful wounds that are sure to bring about ego-death cycle after cycle. Always revealing that there is always ever only more love.

Move like YOU means move like you don’t give a #$% about what anyone else is doing, how they’re being, how they’re moving, what they’re saying with their body..

Why do we care so much anyway?
It doesn’t make sense if you really think about pretend to be a certain way all because I’m wanting to control your perspective of me so I can tune into the feedback look and receive some kind of message about myself I’m seeking outside. What a backwards program indeed.

What a beautiful moment when we all truly start moving like US. Uniquely, as the insane multi-dimensional soul weirdos disguised in human body suits..
We remember we are family.
That we are all uniquely crazy.

Which makes us so much more similar than we’ve ever perhaps thought.
But we feel it.
When we finally feel safe to look into each others eyes.
In full presence. And we see ourselves at last.

At dance last night the brilliant guide gave the room full permission to make eye contact and connect with each person who passed by.
I felt such a deep desire to be met in the depth that I crave to be witnessed in. I wondered why we have to wait for permission to do the thing that feels so good.
And then I remembered how hard this same practice used to be for me too.

How making eye contact with someone else, another soul, was terrifying. Because it meant I had to see myself.
Including all the things I didn’t like about me.
All the things that were repressed down beneath the surface
All the shadowy depths of my being.
That my conscious being would never care to admit to anyone.

Until it got too painful to continue hiding.


Soul Alignment Mentor | Initiator of Remembrance

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