Episode 9: Ben Rolnik | Transformational Science, Integral Visionary Fitness

“Go back to the source of things.”

– Ben Rolnik

Ben Rolnik is a multi-renaissance being, an Intergral Athlete and Transformational Scientist. He is the founder of Integral Fitness and the Conscious Family Dinner is his brainchild. He is fascinated with the art and science of transformation and has been meditating at an early age. His top 3 principles at present are: be where you’re at, create what you want, and the first to love, wins. He has set himself up for long term goals, which include getting into Harvard Medical School to study Brain Surgery and having nightly lucid dreaming, to name a few.

“I wanna know the difference between whats true

and whats not true.”

Ben’s spiritual journey was initiated by immense pain. When there is tension, reaching out generates a lot of pain. That is when people take action. He felt activated after so much pain from suffering and the feeling of being unattached. The farther away the people are from their goals, the more resigned that they become. He had been through darkness and this catalyzed his inspiration in touching other people’s lives.

In this episode, Ben shares that the modern alchemy is psychology, in terms of how to transform a life. He also shares his belief that talent is like a heat capacity, if you get a little energy in, that is what you get out of it. He also believes that our lives run in waves. He shares his story on how he once preached unconditional love but still pissed people off. He practiced confronting all mental fear and wants to be in a place where he could fully follow his heart and eliminate all the fear that blocked him.

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