Episode 8: Jennifer Cain | A Modern Mystic’s Visionary Journey

“You have a lot more compassion to humanity if you understand the subconscious mind.”

– Jennifer Cain



Jennifer Cain is an Advanced Theta Healing practitioner, Psychology Graduate and advocate for the Rising of the Divine Feminine on our planet. She has held space for women globally with her online mentoring work and also facilitated live Goddess workshops and meditation evenings in Bali, London and Edinburgh. She is a student of the metaphysical text A Course In Miracles and continues to train alongside some of the worlds leading teachers in spiritual wisdom and on female empowerment. Jennifer’s company is Rise Goddess. She offers individual healing sessions alongside longer term Spiritual Mentorship programmes to her clients all over the world via Zoom.

“Just chose love everyday.”

– Jennifer Cain

Jennifer’s wake up call to be a healer was when she was about 21 years old, while she was in the university studying psychology. Although she started having visions at 18, it was when she was older that people already came to her for advice after seeing changes in her. She had a dark past which was riddled with anxiety, but she was able to make a choice, after living in so much fear: she chose to live in love.

In this episode, Jennifer shares that in faith heaing, everything is coming from unconditional love. The subconscious believes in things which are not true, but when you eventually get to scratch the surface, there are a lot of things going on down there. Despite all the things that led to where she is now, she always chose love over fear. Jennifer also opens up about how she changed her life, and how everything is an ongoing process. Faith healing is her anchor in this world, and it is something that she returns to.

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