Episode 5: Ajit Nawalkha | Visionary Leadership Mastery in Love and Service

Ajit Nawalkha is an entrepreneur, business coach, founder of Evercoach, author of The Book of Coaching, and a co-founder of Mindvalley. Ajit built his reputation the old-fashioned way — with persistence, grit and an unshakeable determination to succeed. Today he believes that when it comes to creating a business and a life you love, it’s all about doing less, not more and his methods have been proven to work again, and again.

“It’s resourcefulness, not resources that matter.” – Ajit Nawalkha

“One of the big things that drives us as human beings is to have an impact greater than we can ever imagine.” – Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit believes that it is good to set outrageous goals without a timeline because timelines create anxiety. It takes away the power of the goal. Every once in a while, one should revisit his goals, as one will only “find the willpower if you have purpose.”

In this episode, Ajit shares his transformation along his path thus far as well as sharing insights within his business wherein he coaches and empowers individuals to live their most incredible lives. Ajit is dedicated to supporting people in finding their tribe, their supportive community that can actively help facilitate the changes that they aspire to create. He also shares about his dedication to love and service, which are the drivers of his vision in all aspects of life.

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Ajit Nawalkha

The Book of Coaching by Ajit Nawalkha

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