Episode 4: Joanna Turner | Flow Alchemy: Business Witches and New Paradigm Entrepreneurship

“Until we get to that point, we will always fall short of our expectations.” – Joanna Turner

Joanna is a leading Wealth & Success Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Advanced EFT & Master NLP Practitioner (and former Chartered Accountant!). Joanna is a mentor to smart women entrepreneurs and has coached many women all over the world to gain momentum in their business by helping them create a winning mindset, earn desired income, gain confidence and have the freedom to travel. Joanna specializes in helping women overcome money blocks, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, procrastination, emotional eating and fear of judgment, failure & success (yes they’re all linked!). She coaches her clients to make the money they desire and live the life they deserve. She also runs group intensives, online courses, is an author and motivational speaker.


“I want to raise the vibration of the planet!” – Joanna Turner

Joanna was an accountant for many years and she felt caged in the corporate culture. She took a year off and traveled the world but still felt she was in a controlling space. Everything felt like an uphill battle. When she moved to Australia, she wanted to be part of a community which eventually led her to become a lifesaver. After a crash, however, she had to quit. A blogger she followed inspired her into diving right into online coaching, which, at that time, was a new concept to her.

In this episode, Joanna shares her experience as to how she schooled herself into where she’s at today. She shares how she acts as a bridge who get people from where they’re at, to a place where they trust themselves completely. Here, she reveals her challenges in her huge mission of teaching everything she knows from a space of alignment. She also tells us how, in a healing session, she uncovered her past life stories and tells us how she finds the Akashic records to be so powerful.

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Joanna Turner

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