Episode 1: Jules Schroeder | Unconventional Life: Activating Your Supernatural Flow


“Every time you’re saying NO, you’re creating space for that bigger YES!” – Jules Schroeder

Jules Schroeder is ranked by Inc Magazine as one of The Top 27 Female Entrepreneurs Changing The World In 2017. Jules founded her first six-figure company at 18, and her first 7-figure company at 22. She is most recently the founder of Unconventional Life, which operates a popular podcast on the Forbes Under 30, an online content and community hub, and bi-annual international business accelerators. At 28, Jules is leading a movement to empower millennials to create a life by their own design by learning from successful leaders who have left behind the 9-5 for a life they love.

“The more you step into your light, the more you become a leader in this life, the more you have to be more discerning.” – Jules Schroeder

Jules once questioned what success really meant to her when she hit rock-bottom. It was then she realized that “instead of my life being created by me, it is created THROUGH me”. She also realized that the degree of success is only possible with that opposite degree of failure.

In this episode, Jules teaches us that we should be aware of the invitations that come to our life – is it a hell yes or not? Only take those aligned actions because ultimately, it brings you to more aligned opportunities. To maintain her flow, Jules makes sure that the aligned actions come from a “through me” place, because if it didn’t, everything becomes very hard, very quickly. She also helps us explore the idea of extensiveness versus contraction. Finally, Jules also shares with us the idea of a well-resourced energetic integrity.

To learn more about Jules and her work, visit:

Jules Schroeder

Unconventional Life Show

iTunes: Unconventional Life with Jules Schroeder

Instagram: @julesschoederlife

Jules is releasing an album soon, titled “Love It Forward”. The album is a collection of 7 songs that came through as channeled transmissions.

To those who are interested in Unconventional Life Nicaragua, a 5-day Business Accellator on November 30th to December 4th, 2017, visit: http://unconventionallifeshow.com/nicaragua

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