1:1 VIP Intensives



In-person in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City (May 2018) and Chicago (June 2018). Always available virtually.

I typically offer these sacred immersions within my private premium mentoring programs. They are incredibly activating and immediately life-changing.

How does it work?

You + me.

Co-creating a custom-tailored, intuitively channeled, strategic MAP for your LIFE – to up-level in QUANTUM leaps in all the ways you truly desire.

As well as..

1.  A comprehensive intake process so I can understand all aspects of your life, health, wealth and business ahead of our initial coaching session

2. A 45 min coaching session before in-person intensive

3. A 3.5 hour in-person immersion in your local area or in an agreed-upon destination at beautiful space Sydney will curate in which we do intuitive strategy coaching + strategic planning (all mapped out with detailed notes and a recorded summary post-session) aligned with your highest vision for all areas of your life, particularly health (relationships, energy + vitality), wealth + business (ease, flow, creativity)

4. A 45 min follow up coaching session 2 weeks after immersion


A few notable results from my Intensive VIP Days include:

  • Radically scaling income in a matter of weeks
  • Starting and scaling new businesses with ease + magnetism
  • Healing blocks around receiving $, love, intimacy + sexual connection/enjoyment
  • Weight loss / optimized health + well-being, more energy
  • Improved relationships, improved reciprocity
  • Refined business development strategy that creates more lead generation and community growth through the simple execution of a new creative marketing strategy
  • Magnetic marketing strategies that lead to consumer demo expansion, new brand partnerships + opportunities to co-market
  • New speaking engagements and invitations to be on panels / PR + media exposure
  • Getting a raise by asking for it + negotiating new position within company
  • Calling in a soul mate relationship – with someone she had been on a date with 9 years ago who magically showed up suddenly in her life again seemingly out of nowhere
  • Calling in the perfect business partner to start the latest new health platform – a new dating platform with a health-focused intention
  • Increasing fundraising viability with new investors after refining marketing messaging and re-positioning technology product offering

And many more..

You’ll leave with a CLEAR actionable PLAN to CREATE the vision you’ve been sitting on forever, launch your business (finally), start or UPGRADE your relationship(s), increase your financial GAME big time, unblock your energetic receptors for RECEIVING, get activated to stand in your FULL truth and FULL power.

You will be forever changed.


Everything you’ve ever wanted to do?
Let’s make a plan for it to happen..seamlessly..effortlessly, with so much grace and FLOW.
Why wait?

“I was seeking a big up-leveling in my business and personal goals, specifically really lofty goals in 3 areas of my life: creativity, health and romance. I’d had a ton of trouble breaking through and in business, I wasn’t getting contracts, which was especially frustrating when I knew so many businesses could use my contributions. 

My VIP Day with Sydney was exciting, easy and transformative. I felt like we covered so much in such a short time. The whole immersion changed my perspective on what’s possible for me in so many ways – I am forever-changed since the experience. 

Sydney’s zone of genius includes: Super ideas. Encouragement. Perspective. Expertise in business and life. And her documented plans and resources were crazy helpful and I still reference them months later.

If you’re seeking clarity and reassurance, business progress, new clients, fitness and health improvement, and other ACTIONABLE self-realizations in creativity and romance, your VIP Day with Sydney awaits!”

~ Alex S., CEO + Founder of Growth Design NYC, Startup Advisor, Visionary Entrepreneur

For in-person experiences, we’ll spend a full day in a BEAUTIFUL location I’ll specially curate for our experience. We’ll enjoy a DECADENT meal and incredibly peaceful, luxurious scenery to support the work we will share over the course of the day.

Before we even start you get an INTENSIVE intake process (a multi-dimensional look at your life, health, wealth, business, emotions, energetics, JOY, etc.) to fill out that helps me to create a map of what is MOST important to prioritize for our time together. 

Our intensive includes (and everything is fully customizable depending on YOUR unique needs but can include ANY or ALL of the below services)::

  • An intuitive reading to tune into your souls history – past present and future. What’s in your way? What do you need to know at this moment? What’s most important to focus on?
  • Your very own customized guided meditation catered to your needs and desires anchoring you into how you want to feel – a resource to revisit again and again to integrate your next-level life.
  • Intuitive guidance and mentoring on clearing your blocks, setting your fear free and becoming RADICALLY empowered to embody your truth in every way.
  • Strategizing, launching, re-imagining your VISION (relationship, business, creativity…you name it).
  • Getting clear on your Next level..and creating a crystal clear INSPIRED map for how to BE THERE NOW,
  • BREAKTHROUGHS in radical acceptance, LOVE, intimacy and ABUNDANCE ((plus whatever is highest priority for you, the program will be uniquely and divinely curated to best deliver whatever your BEAUTIFUL SOUL DEEPLY DESIRES)).
  • All of the above happens in a luxe location specially curated for your EPIC IMMERSION we co-create together.


“When I started working with Sydney my biggest pain-points were mindset and money. I felt like Sydney could specifically help me with mindset because she had been through what I was going through – leaving my full-time job, starting my new company, making myself visible as a coach for the first time and offering my services. 

I had been chatting to random coaches but hadn’t felt a connection with anyone. Most people wanted to sell me a marketing program or something.

My biggest results from working with Sydney were the confidence to quit my job and believe that everything would be ok. I also took a lot of action with Sydney that I didn’t have the confidence to take alone. She introduced me to what my life could (and would) look like.

To this day Sydney has been one of the more comprehensive mentors of mine.”

Jenna Hillier, Transformational Coach, Founder @ The Measure of a Woman, CPA

A total jumpstart in all the ways you’ve ever wanted.

The biggest gift you could possibly give yourself.

A prolific reboot for your self love and radical freedom.

Remember who you are and why you’re here.

Ground into deep connection to your purpose, LIGHT and full embodied power.

Be completely rejuvenated and ACTIVATED to LEAP into your next-level life.

 Go forward with your own custom-tailored plan of action to guide you on bringing your EPIC vision to LIGHT.


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